Outpatient Procedure

It all begins by taking the first initial step to contact us. From there, we are with you every step of the way.

Our unique program at Maple Leaf Recovery Services is 100% confidential and designed to get you on with your life: alcohol-free. We focus on our clients’ success, ensuring that each individual gets the treatment they need. Once you have contacted us, one of our Maple Leaf representatives will schedule an initial consultation session with a Maple Leaf team member – an experienced professional dedicated to helping you through the process.

Our First Meeting Session

In order for us to best evaluate your situation it is important for us to get to know you. Although we have treated many clients, each individual has their own experience, expectations, and aspirations that we must understand in order to be able to treat you. We take a casual, non-judgmental approach to understanding your situation. We answer any questions you may have and provide you with full details regarding our procedure. We currently do not accept insurance, this is a cash only procedure. We hope to accept insurance in the near future.

Our Pre-Screening Process

It is important for us to know that you are ready for a life change – both physically and mentally. We address each of our clients’ questions and concerns with the utmost confidentiality through our entire engagement. Before we begin the recovery cycle, we must administer a few simple tests:

  1. Blood Test and Physical: These simple tests are performed by the surgeon who will do the implant to make sure that your body is physically qualified for the implant and program.
  2. Evaluation: We administer a mental evaluation to ensure that you are inwardly prepared. We will review and discuss anything additional such as anxiety, stress, or depression to see if other prescriptions can help you along your path.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve an alcohol-free life, which is why we take any and all necessary precautions prior to the implant and program to ensure your physical and mental well-being is monitored throughout the process.

Before the Implant

If possible, 72 hours prior to the implant, we request that our clients stop drinking alcohol and hydrate with regular water during the period. Since we are administering a new medication into your body that will directly impact alcohol cravings and consumption, we try to make the transition as easy as possible on our clients’ bodies and minds. For any reason our clients are unable to not drink within the 72 hour window, they may experience flu-like symptoms that tend to last up to 48 hours post the implant procedure.

The Implant Procedure

The implant procedure can be scheduled any time. We typically find our clients interested in scheduling on Saturdays so that their work is not impacted and they can return to work again Monday morning. The actual outpatient procedure only takes about 15-20 minutes, where two small pellets are inserted just under the skin below the abdomen. Only a local anesthesia is used, so clients are awake for the entire procedure and tend to experience little to no physical discomfort. Post the procedure, nearly every patient leaves the same day. Within hours, clients have reduced alcohol cravings and are able to return to normal, daily activities the following day. Due to the short recovery time and the almost instant physical alcohol craving elimination, our clients are able to immediately begin our counseling rehabilitation program to work toward a permanent life without alcohol.

Post Implant

Although alcohol cravings are eliminated almost immediately, post the implant, clients are may be prescribed Antabuse for the next 3-4 weeks.

Our Holistic Approach

While the Naltrexone Implant breaks the physical cravings and addiction, our twofold program also addresses the physiological components of addiction. Each of our clients receives our counseling support that helps them focus on their mental and spiritual healing. We have successfully help thousands already through this program. Our 85% success rate is dependent upon eliminating the physical cravings for alcohol coupled with breaking the mental addiction and addressing the issues they are confronted with that may impact their focus on their new life without alcohol.

We encourage you to contact us for a free, confidential consultation.

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